Harold Shipman found hanged in cell

Harald Shipman has committed suicide in prison (so did Fred West). Here is a BBC profile. He had 15 (concurrent) life sentences for murder, but he is thought to have murdered more like 215 people.

LATER NOTE: I think the German TV news report I saw (ARD) got it wrong in saying ‘mehrere lebenslängliche Freiheitsstrafen’ (several terms of life imprisonment), because that sounds like the U.S. system of consecutive life sentences. Under the English system, the sentences are concurrent; the more there are, the less likely the defendant is to get out of prison early.

One thought on “Harold Shipman found hanged in cell

  1. Oh, well, it will slash the prison bill at a stroke and save money for those of us who are still British tax-domiciled.

    Having gone to an Eng. school with a medical foundation, I do wonder whether Brit. university hospital medical exams are too subject- and not personality-centred.

    Several of my academically gifted and mentally stable contemporaries – now working as bank clerks – dropped out after flunking their first-year medicals, whilst rote-learners I wouldn’t let operate on me have plodded their way to a string of medical titles – and of medical or lit. stitch-up surgical negligence claims.

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