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I found I was writing less and less German and including more and more pictures of Fürth in this blog. I therefore decided to divert some material into a special Fürth blog.

Der Fürth blog – Fürther Freiheiten – ist wirklich zweisprachig.

The blog is in English and German. The texts aren’t always identical, especially when a text I’m referring to is available in German and not in English.

I have mixed feelings about the project. What I have been doing is giving impressions of life here to people outside Germany, even though many of my entries were meant for translators and lawyers inside Germany. The Fürth blog is of more narrow interest, mainly to people actually in Fürth, and as an outsider I may not have so much to say to them. I have copied over many past entries from Transblawg, and occasionally a future entry may be duplicated, but on the whole the two will be separate.

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