Burns Night revisited / Schottisches Englisch

When I posted on Burns Night, I was unfortunately unaware of anentry in Scots by a Scot in Germany (can’t find a permalink – look at January 25th) – main page here.

bq. The ither year, Burns nicht : me a ree ray in ma waddinbraws. Twa faikin fums (agnats) shue laik scowpers. I lerb twa jutes, muckle manky jutes, an gledge a redhieded peronall. Ah skleush ower tae her, fer tae splunt thae loorach. Wi thae fower bask jutes, ah thrammle like a kenspeckle kensy, an partle tae rush instead o ma whaisk frae sculduddery.

Since my mother’s side of the family are Scottish, I at least remember ‘Dinnae fash yersel!’ (related to French se fâcher), but I would need to work on the rest. I think he’s gone out of the way to confuse us Sassenachs. There are a number of Scots language links there too.

Via Armin’s Ministry of Propaganda.

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