5 thoughts on “Lawyers’ website

  1. Maybe fraternal twins; their faces are not that similar.

    But gee, Monica (una degli collaboratori) sure looks miserable. Maybe they are making her do IP law….

  2. A quanto pare, anche il figlio Magnus Egger (dove hanno preso quel nome???) lavora nello studio.
    E un’alatra cosa: da bravi sudtirolesi hanno sbagliato tutti gli accenti….

  3. Thanks for the Michael Palin comparison. It describes well the very slight air of idiocy emanating from some lawyers’ photos online.
    Of course, it’s really not good when a law firm *in Italy* omits the accents. Could this be deliberate?!
    Another bizarre element was the fact that they both have 3 children.
    I was attracted to the site by the doorbell picture. Of course it probably palls after a while. People come to my site looking for a doorbell picture, and the search word ‘Türklingel’ brings up both sites.

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