Petits fours ingredients solved

Further to my entry of January 2nd, I have now solved the mystery of what is inside these little cakes.


They really are New Year cakes, but maybe they keep them till Fasching (Carnival), or maybe this cake shop – Beers Konditorei, Breite Straße, Nuremberg – makes a special display of them.

The contents are superior to the faceless British equivalent. The cake seems to be soaked in something, possibly with an almond flavour. The ears are white chocolate, but I think there’s a sliver of almond in there too. I am afraid the intact white mouse has an eye missing, and I don’t think I did that. So be careful what you buy.

I think their stuff looks a lot better than the photos on their website, so here are two more photos.

Here is what most bakeries have in the run-up to Shrove Tuesday:
Das übliche Faschingsangebot:


And here is more everyday stuff:


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