German beer drinking songs in the USA

Dirtgrain at writes about buying CDs with German beer drinking songs on them:

bq. Singing and screaming German beer drinking songs while on your way to work is a remarkably good way to lift your spirits for the day (note: not recommended for hung-over people or for those on the verge of the DTs). Filled with the power of German tradition and umpa rhythm, somehow making it through another day doesn’t seem so daunting.

bq. You don’t need to know how to speak German. The words of the German language are easy enough to make up. You mix a few mumbles and hums with an occasional “ü,”[sic] “-heit,” or “-ich,” and you will be right on par with the most famous of the bier garten singers. Of course, drinking a beer helps–with the singing and with the rest of your day.

However, the ‘singing is good for you’ finding by German scientists referred to is about singing in a church choir.

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