German driver imprisoned for speeding

For those outside Germany (it has been reported a lot inside Germany): Expatica has an article in English on the test driver who has been sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment (a custodial sentence, no probation) for speeding. In the course of the trial, the defendant said that he didn’t know why his nickname among his colleagues was Turbo-Rolf.

bq. In a case which stirred public emotions like few others in Germany, a Karlsruhe court Wednesday found a DaimlerChrysler test driver guilty in the deaths of a young woman and her daughter in a high-speed highway accident in July 2003.

There is a longer article on the topic of speeding in Germany too.

2 thoughts on “German driver imprisoned for speeding

  1. An engineer and not a test driver? I don’t quite follow. Thanks for the link. I just posted the link to the article because it didn’t seem to have been reported in the English-language papers, although I’m sure it will be.

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