Die Kommentar-Funktion ist sehr langsam. Am einfachsten, wenn man kommentieren will, nicht auf “Comments”, sondern auf “Permalink” klicken, dann wird der ganze Eintrag mit früheren Comments in einem Fenster angezeigt.

The comments function is slow. Some people have left the same comment five times (I have then deleted four).

This is partly because I use the MT-Blacklist plugin for Movable Type.

The easiest way to comment is to click not on ‘Comments’, but on ‘Permalink’. Then you see a window with the entry and all the earlier comments.

I remove comments that are obvious spam. I also remove some comments that seem totally meaningless, but not many. I remove requests for work. I have not yet removed a couple of requests for legal advice. All these comments tend to appear on much earlier entries that few people are going to see.

An example: yesterday I removed two identical comments advertising a blackjack site. I entered the advertised URL into MT-Blacklist, and the poster tried ten more times to post, but was automatically blocked. If that hadn’t happened, I might have finished up having to delete 40 or 50 comments by hand, and that takes a long time. I can quickly edit the last 5 comments, but that’s all. That’s why I use MT-Blacklist, even though it probably slows things down. (I think there’s a scripting trick to speed things up again, but I don’t intend to use that because other things are more important).

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  1. As for me, the comments popup works fine and fast; no problems.

    MT blacklist is a good add-on and has worked great for sites I blog at and friends’ sites. Most of the spam comes through scripts; I found that manual spammers often happen to be located in Russia or Romania.

  2. You might want to consider upgrading to MT 2.661. It allows to “close comments” on certrain entries, preserving the comments but not allowing new ones. There are scripts, e.g., that automatically close a comment after a specified period of time or and/or inacitivity, effecitvely preventing comment spam on old entries.

  3. @mademoiselle a. Does it come from a script if it keeps targeting different entries? The script would certainly explain why one entry is constantly picked on. – I used to send my email spam to a spam-blocking site and analyse it, but I can’t be bothered any longer.
    @Ingmar: I saw it had advantages, but I decided to wait for MT 3.0, which I assume will include those functions too. At the moment I have some other software priorities. Thanks for the reminder.

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