Translation error in Turkish form

The following extract by Selcuk Gultaslı from Zaman Online (almost) speaks for itself:

bq. Is This a Translation Error or is it Valid?

bq. According to the news, because the intelligence-gathering form, sent to the districts by the Istanbul Second Armored Brigade Command, demanding pro-European Union (EU) people be listed, was directly translated from English, this caused collective mistakes. For example, the intelligence-gathering form was not adapted to Turkey’s realities and thus the [white supremacist] Ku Klux Klan organization was included in the form. Due to the translation error, opinion leaders were written as high society in the form. I think this is an issue of a vital translation rather than a translation error.

The writer appears (as far as the text can be understood) to query whether the ‘mistranslation’ was in fact done deliberately in order to spoil Turkey’s chances of joining the EU.

4 thoughts on “Translation error in Turkish form

  1. I’m a bit worried about this sententious grammar:

    >>Lehrbuch der Türkischen Sprache, in which the Turkish instruction is handled at the sententious level and therefore small passages and dialogues do not exist, is a pedagogical grammar. The Turkish instruction is offered in 82 lessons in the book.

  2. Goodness! Well, at least they’re up-front about it…

    (By the way, I’m only one of three copy-editors, and I’m continually surprised by what passes for edited text on the website.)

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