Translators’ website on offer at E-Bay/Übersetzerwebsite zu kaufen bei E-Bay

It was pointed out on the pt mailing list at Yahoo Groups that a translators’ website is being offered on E-Bay for $11,900.

The site is called

There are a number of these websites now – see earlier entry. Their backbone is presumably the database for translators looking for work and the advertisements of companies looking for translators, but they often have photos and profiles of translators shown at random on the opening page, and discussion boards and terminology help boards for translators. To quote the ad:

bq. Just one example of the potential that this website has: Even if you would only earn 10 Dollars per translator per year, the brokerage website would pay for itself in less than one year. If you earn e.g. 20 Dollars per translator, your income will be at about 36,000 Dollars, etc.

bq. Your advantages:
Over 1800 registered translators will work for you or you can turn them into customers of your products or services
For each job you receive 9% of the translators’ pay

No offers yet!

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