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Artikeln aus The Barrister (Zeitschrift) bilden einen Weblog. Die Erfolge im US-amerikanischen Rechtssystem und dem in Großbritannien bei Gruppenklagen in den USA und in Großbritannien werden z.B. in einem Artikel verglichen (Datum 24.03.04, Permalink funktioniert bei mir nicht).

Practicesource, the Australian portal, is hosting a new weblog called the barrister.

The most recent entry (24.03.04) is by Toby Duthie, of Forensic Risk Alliance, an Anglo-American company that works with plaintiffs in multi-party litigation.

It discusses the difference between the US and the UK in litigation. Nowadays one of the comments made about litigation that seems to recur in the UK is that Britain is a worse place to live in since it took over the US litigation culture. This is stated by those with no knowledge of the American system or understanding of the difference between that and the UK system. The entry tries to show why the American system is not so bad and the UK system is unsatisfactory.

It compares results in the DEM10 billion German Slave Labour Holocaust settlement; and the USD1.25 billion Swiss Bank settlement.

bq. Few people have argued that this US compensation culture is positive and should be viewed as a sign of a healthy society whose citizens are knowledgeable about their rights and are sufficiently empowered in the majority of instances to ensure that they are not breached. This is certainly a view that we hold and tire of instances both here and in the US of people arguing against this armed with a list of well-publicised exceptions. …

bq. There is no question in my mind, as someone who works on both sides of the Atlantic on complex mass claims, that US citizens have far better access to justice than their UK counterparts and that US companies, accordingly, are better at handling their liabilities (both after the event and pre-emptively) – which must be a good thing.

Actually, this is an article from The Barrister magazine, as are most of the entries, so this is not quite the usual web log.

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