French translation of washing instructions with added words

(Via Boing Boing):
Skeptomai shows a photo of a label with washing instructions on a computer sleeve (whatever that is). The origin is Seattle. The French is longer than the English because the following has been added:



4 thoughts on “French translation of washing instructions with added words

  1. Seen at Squoogy via Transblawg, via Boing Boing and Skeptomai [appears to be a dead link at the minute I’m afraid]. Look carefully at the label below: Apparently originating in Seattle, the label (from a “computer sleeves”?) contains washing instructions

  2. Here’s a very amusing tidbit. This blog entry shows a picture of the tag on a laptop computer sleve that includes an interesting apology with the care instructions. Updated! The original link I had posted was taken down. I’ve found…

  3. I didn’t know. I posted on April 14th about the T-shirt being sold at Tom Bihn. The site you mention is down now. It’s in Google cache, at least the text is, but the pictures don’t work. It looks to me like a rip-off of the Tom Bihn T-shirt, and I expect Tom Bihn claim copyright to the text. Here’s some of what I found in the cache:

    ‘I was preparing for an international trip, and I thought, “what can I do tell as many people as possible in other countries that many Americans vehemently disagree with the policies of our own government?” So I made this shirt, and various wonderful people translated it into all of the official UN languages, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Russian. Buy one for your own international travels. A domestic version (US$16), without English, is also available for those who want to make a statement, but not to monolingual locals. Gender-specific text for female and male shirts.’

    I find the T-shirt idea a bit ridiculous, but to translate it into all these languages and make it gender-specific really takes the cake!

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