Pension splitting in the UK/Altersversorgung und Scheidung in England

Die Times Online (Registrierung kostenlos, juristische Themen, dienstags) berichtet über die Methoden des Versorgungsausgleichs in England.

An article in the Times Online (registration free) (‘Never mind that cat, what about the pension?’) on a new pensions advice company set up by lawyers (

It succinctly summarizes the methods available now (a few years ago, there was no public discussion of pensions splitting).

bq. Since 1996, through a succession of Acts, the Government reformed this area, bringing in a series of options for sharing pensions. There are now three choices: the husband keeps the pension and the wife is given a lump sum; some of the pension is “ear-marked” for the wife to have when the husband retires; and pension-splitting, which enables the wife to have some of the pension in her own name.

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