Mediadeck – local wildlife/Mediadeck – Ente auf dem Dach
bq. Auf einem Parkdeck in Hamburg arbeiten 26 Multimedia-Firmen ganz gemütlich zusammen.

Bilder auch von dort nistenden Bachstelzen und Enten (von den Bachstelzen gibt es sogar eine kleine Videoaufnahme). (Auf “biotop” klicken).

Darrel Knutson is a co-founder of mediadeck, a collaboration of 26 multimedia firms sharing office space on the sixth floor of a 1960s multistorey car park in Hamburg. mediadeck is the main lessee, and smaller firms can rent office space and become part of Mediadeck. Darrel is described as an internet trainer, webmaster, translator and English trainer.

Some translators are listed under ‘bord services’.

What first caught my eye was the section ‘biotop’ with photos and videoclip of a nest of pied wagtails and photos of a mallard and chicks, all bred on the ‘balcony’.

(Thanks to Matthew Harris of context for extra information)

In a similar vein, Boing Boing recently linked to a webcam at the ‘Pig Brother’ (!)site showing a family of wild boars in Germany (originally via Darren Barefoot and CNN). Microphones and video-camera 24 hours a day.

There are a number of webcams watching storks’ nests in Germany too, for instance

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