Asparagus and tomatoes/Spargel und Tomaten

German asparagus at its best:


Franconian tomatoes:


3 thoughts on “Asparagus and tomatoes/Spargel und Tomaten

  1. There was an interview on TV with a man who grew hothouse tomatoes.
    “Don’t they look great?” he asked. “After years of experimentation, we’ve finally got them looking and feeling just like summer tomatoes.”
    “So how do they taste?”
    “Oh, they still taste like crap, but we’ll be working on that.”

  2. But if none of them taste like anything, it’ll save us the effort of choosing!

    I took the tomato picture on April 8th. I actually associate the words ‘Franconian tomatoes’ with August. Or even if they grow them indoors, no earlier than June.

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