Chisel off / abstemmen

A possibly Bulgarian questioner at ProZ has posted a civil engineering question: what is abstemmen in English? (It’s usually chisel off) Context: Decke-Wand Überstände abstemmen.

This question is marked as potentially offensive (that’s why I looked at it):

bq. Note: The asker has indicated that this question may be regarded as offensive by some. It has not been sent by email or displayed in site lists.

I’m disappointed. Or perhaps I’m just ignorant.

3 thoughts on “Chisel off / abstemmen

  1. Next time I’m annoyed with someone, I’ll call them a “chisel” …see what response I get. “Hey you $%&!!§$% chisel!!” I quite like it


  2. Well, make sure it’s not a Bulgarian. (Appropriate, isn’t it – we derived one of our favourite swearwords from ‘Bulgar’).

  3. Any idea what it means in Bulgarian Margaret? Interesting. We had better not speak at all for fear of offending SOMEBODY out there…

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