Bonsai photos


I’m particularly struck by the idea of growing clematis in a small pot. I only saw that today. I’ve photographed the bonsai before.


4 thoughts on “Bonsai photos

  1. Hello Margaret,

    Say your comment on Renee’s post and came over. Like the blog. Would you like to join our little community over at Living in Europe?


  2. Thanks, Edward, but this isn’t really a Living-in-Europe-type blog. I see you’ve already added me, at least entries of mine have appeared in the aggregator. Is it not a voluntary thing? Most of my entries, or let’s say the entries that are about legal translation, aren’t really relevant to your aggregator.

  3. @Peter: Thank you! I will go into more detail in one of the next entries and post another picture. This is taken from a multi-storey car park in the centre of Fürth. It’s a Hinterhofgebäude. The car park has open walls at one end so I can get directly opposite the upper floors for a photo.

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