3 thoughts on “Law firm names/Kanzleinamen

  1. An Eng. Conveyancing Solicitor I know once had a – very – short working spell at a law firm eccentrically called ‘Metford Metford-Sewell’ at Chiswick in West London.

    I can’t remember exactly why the Senior Partner chose to double up on his surname – either for reinforced credibility or because there had to be 3 names in ‘Yer Average’ High Street Solicitors’ Firm name.

  2. Well-researched! With that double- or treble-barreled name, it would be an incredible coincidence if she weren’t related to him.

    Metford Metford – of advanced age 20 years ago – probably had already retired (to Switzerland?)pre-1993.
    According to the Eng. & Wales Law Society’s Online Directory (solicitors.online.com), his eccentric firm’s name has also sunk with him.

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