Online information on law in Norway, Denmark and Sweden

LRRX.Com’s May 24th page includes updated online legal information for Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

LLRX has a huge amount of information about law all over the world online, even though it is not usually updated now (see links at left).

The latest offers include an article on trends in blog searching and a review of the PalmOne Zire 7.2 PDA, with links to Palm resources for lawyers that are worth pursuing.

One blog searching site mentioned is Waypath. Among other things you can do a text search of blogs. It didn’t react to kronprinsfred or kronprinsfleep, so I don’t think it has Desbladet in there. Nor did it have my Fürth blog. It was very informative about the Blogwalk that is happening near here tomorrow and I at last understood it is a day-long meeting for academics from all over the place, by invitation. Not that I would have had time, but if there were famous bloggers walking about Nuremberg (the name Blogwalk seemed to suggest that), I would have felt it my duty to photograph them.

2 thoughts on “Online information on law in Norway, Denmark and Sweden

  1. Many thanks for the Scandinavian weblinks. Always useful when the lingos are not particularly well-served with tech. dictionaries and are almost considered LLD – languages of limited diffusion.

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