Translator’s diaries/Übersetzertagebücher

There was a thread on Translatorscafé yesterday started by someone looking for a freelance translator’s diary. Transblawg was mentioned, as were a number of others. There’s a nice photograph of Steve Maas of On-Time Updates there, too.

If anyone’s interested in translators’ weblogs, I have a set of links in the right-hand column. There are a couple of other translators’ weblogs out there too. Some are language/linguistics, some translation. I don’t know that any is exactly a diary. I think of a weblog as a log of what a person found on the Web, but Transblawg is not exactly that – more a log of what I was thinking about together with a few pictures and comments from day-to-day life.
But some of the translators’ weblogs are more diary-like.

A web search revealed an attempt at another translators’ site to gather diaries, but only one day from one diary had so far been offered.

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