Fox News on weblogs Fernsehblogger

Wendy McClure has an illustrated summary of an item on Fox News about weblogging, in which she was featured.

bq. NEWSCASTER VOICE-OVER CONT’D: “…without losing what’s been written, like in a chat room.”
And here Matt Weiler has to patiently explain the difference between a weblog and a chat room.
No kidding, they asked both of us about that.
It’s like getting a squirrel confused with a mailbox because they’re both on the sidewalk.

She concludes:

bq. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t know what a blog is; I just wonder how many of them still don’t know after seeing a story like this.

Wendy’s other site, candyboots, which you might have encountered before, shows a collection of 1974 Weightwatchers cards.

(Via rebecca’s pocket, via kiplog)

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