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There have been so many good entries in Robin Stocks’ Carob since its resurrection that some have scrolled: on the names of EU directives and regulations, on anglicisms in Switzerland, a long German-English list of Swiss election vocabulary (but we have panaschieren – splitting the vote – in Bavaria too – I suppose a lot of election vocabulary crosses borders), vocabulary from the EU Prospectuses Regulation, citation of ECJ cases in German and English. Other entries are interesting too. I had fun photographing those open-cast coalmines he mentions, when I lived in Cologne.

By the way, I forgot to acknowledge Translate This! recently, although it was one of the two weblogs, along with The Discouraging Word (does anyone else remember the words to ‘Home on the Range’? We used to sing it at junior school) that prompted me to finally write about Truss.

In passing, Isabella Massardo mentioned a book called ‘Righting English that’s gone Dutch’ that might give me some ideas – I’ve toyed with the idea of writing something about how to write legal English, aimed at German lawyers. The problem is that they often know their English is perfect.

bq. Using examples she’s collected, editor and translator Joy Burrough takes a sideways look at what gets unintentionally transferred from Dutch, and why. The result is a contrastive stylebook exploring the zone where Dutch and English meet and giving advice on writing English right.

Following up Joy Burrough-Boenisch on the Web, I came across some interesting old discussions on LANGline in 1999. I must have heard of this before, and I certainly recognize the names of some of those discussing. It is still running, as part of The Electric Editors: The Internet community for editors, proofreaders, indexers, translators and publishers. Looks interesting. And the archives are available (as the Google search showed).

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