Weblog on U.S. federal judiciary/Weblog über U.S. Bundesrichter

Das Weblog Underneath Their Robes (auf Englisch, aus den USA) sammelt und bespricht Belanglosigkeiten über US-Bundesrichter. Was frühstücken die Richter? Welches juristisches Gehirn befindet sich im geilsten Körper? Was für Autos bevorzugen die Richter?

Vielleicht könnten wir ähnliches aus Düsseldorf und anderswo auch erfahren?

As Notes from the (Legal) Underground says (in ‘A Blog That Makes Me Want to Say “Yuck!”‘), maybe we should read Underneath Their Robes now, before the author is dragged off to Guantanamo. Here is a list of promised topics:

bq. These upcoming reports from UTR provide a taste of what you can look forward to in future posts:
The Wheels of Justice: What do our nation’s judges drive? (Hint: Jaguars are surprisingly popular. Grrr!!!)
UTR Cribs: Inspired by MTV Cribs, UTR goes inside the halls of justice, with this exclusive report about the luxurious residences of the most well-heeled federal jurists.
Superhotties of the Federal Judiciary: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Or, less poetically: Which legal minds have the best bodies? UTR is now accepting your nominations for the hottest women and men whose firm, toned butts occupy the Article III bench. Please send nominations to UTR by e-mail, preferably with photographs.
A Hunger for Justice: Judge Jerome Frank and his fellow legal realists thought that a case might get decided “based on what the judge had for breakfast.” So–what did the judge have for breakfast? What judges have idiosyncratic culinary tastes? Which judges are on diets–and which judges aren’t, but should be? Find out in UTR’s exploration of the care and feeding of Article III judges.

On June 6th, for example, there was an entry headed ‘Who wants to be a millionaire — AND a Supreme Court Justice?’

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