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Since the Enigmatic Mermaid has swum off, temporarily I hope, I’m pleased to announce a Portuguese translation weblog that has been around since November 2003. It is by Rosário Durão and is called tradiloisas. Lots of links for technology and medicine. Nothing about football, as far as I can tell.
It links to another Portuguese translation weblog, tradutória. This is more mysterious. The poster is Jim Oliver, but used to be F.C.S.
Thanks to Steve Dyson for the link.

3 thoughts on “Portuguese translation blog

  1. Muito Obrigado. Unless I’m mistaken, Steve is an Aussie living in France – I’ve heard him speaking at a Financial Trans Seminar in Paris – and will be laughing his head off over the Pommies’ early exit from the EUFA soccer cup.

    Eng. soccer fans will also remember the England team ‘arrogantly’ bragging after their similar early exit from the last Word Cup in 2002 that they were going to win this trophy.

  2. Yes, where is that Mermaid? I miss her underwater point of view. I exchanged e-mails with her recently and found her still living in Piricaba (fabled home of pamonha) and not explaining why she has soured on her blog. We should start a petition demanding her return!

  3. All this stuff is overshadowed by what I hear in German TV commentaries. They have been quite nice recently, but when Portugal got its first goal, the commentator couldn’t control himself and lapsed into, ‘Ah, the English and the European Championship – they just can’t do it’ – this after the Germans had gone home, needless to say.Colin: She runs the Glosspost list on Yahoo groups. Maybe we should devise a mermaid glossary and submit it?

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