List of translators’ websites/Übersetzerinternetauftritte weltweit

From my referrers, I see that João Roque Dias, a technical translator in Portugal (that great footballing nation), has a list of translators all over the world, presumably growing all the time. The whole thing is copyrighted and non-copiable – I only noticed because I was having trouble writing the ã and thought I’d pinch it from the source text (I eventually found it here).

Some of the websites are praised with the words ‘What a great website, Jessica / Jody / Jürgen!’, sometimes varied with ‘What a pleasant website to visit, Donna…’, or the ominous ‘What a minimalistic website, Karin…’

There is more information on the site too, such as how to get good results in search engines and how to spam-proof e-mail addresses on your site.

One thought on “List of translators’ websites/Übersetzerinternetauftritte weltweit

  1. Well, I’m just the owner of and I wish to praise Margaret’s remarks about my Translator Colleagues list and my website. And, to all those reading this excellent blog, if you’re an independent translator and have a website (a good one…), let me know, I’d be glad to include it in my list.

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