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Sonja Tomaskovic (excuse lack of diacritics) has a medical translation weblog, mainly in English but with some German and Croatian.
The weblog was originally here , where there are older entries (there may have been an earlier stage still). It’s now here.

Sonja’s website has a useful list of tools. She has a FURL page too. FURL, already mentioned by Handakte WebLAWg more than once, allows you to collect webpages online, at present free of charge. Weblinks that survive will direct you and others to the original site, but those that die will be saved. Amy Gahran’s Contentious weblog has more information on how she used FURL.

LATER NOTE: in a comment, Sonja points out that she will shortly be deleting her own weblog. A good opportunity to use FURL to preserve it if you want to!

One thought on “Medical translation weblog

  1. Thank you, Margaret, for mentioning my weblog. BTW, I have moved all entries from my previous blog hoster (blogspot) to my own domain and will probably delete the old weblog in a couple of days. And thank you for mentioning my Furl site. :)

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