Statue of Justice as a prostitute/Justiz als Prostituierte in London

BBC News (via Cronaca) reports that the guerrilla artist Banksy has unveiled a 6-metre-high statue of the figure of Justice in London (this ties in with the recent miscarriage of justice story) (see pictures on BBC site):

bq. Banksy, best-known for sneaking his work into the Tate, has depicted the figure of justice as a prostitute with leather boots and a thong.
Several hundred fans gathered at Clerkenwell Green on Wednesday to see the bronze statue being unveiled.
It was put in place at 0200 BST (0100 GMT) on Wednesday without permission.
… It shows the figure of justice – whose statue overlooks the Old Bailey in London – with US dollar bills stuffed into her garter and a plaque on the plinth saying: “Trust no-one.”

Earlier projects of Banksy’s are also described:

bq. In April, Banksy exhibited a dead rat wearing sunglasses in the Natural History Museum for several hours before museum staff noticed.

3 thoughts on “Statue of Justice as a prostitute/Justiz als Prostituierte in London

  1. Saw the statue on my way from work. Saw it still wrapped up though I read about it before. And the next day saw it unwrapped though apparently the scales of justice were stolen (!) and were found in a nightclub nearby.

  2. Nice website. I wish I could achieve that brevity. And I wish I was in London so I could photograph it. The BBC site has a couple of good pictures but I didn’t like to pinch them.

  3. Hmm. The website I meant was, but that isn’t visible online, only in the notification to me. Mysterious, this Internet.

    Thinking about the dead rat, when I went through Stansted there was a big transparent container beside the queue for security check, with all the knives, scissors etc. that had been taken off people. A couple of the objects were not dangerous (was it a stick of chewing gum?), but it was too late when I realized I could have dropped some false items in there for public display. Perhaps a copy of the Sun or a postcard of Queen Victoria?

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