German names / Deutsche Namen

The site collects bizarre German names. It’s constantly being enlarged.

Of the many categories, double names (Doppelnamen) is particularly interesting, because Germans oftn combine two surnames when they get married.

bq. # Sylvia Dienstknecht-Ochse, Euskirchen (08.08.2004)
# Dralle-Fünfstück, Salzdetfurth (15.06.2004)
# Ingeborg Drossel-Gräser, Kreuzlingen, Schweiz (15.06.2003)
# apl.Prof. Dr. Ilse Dröge-Modelmog, Leiterin AG “Kultur von Frauen”, Univ. Oldenburg (07.06.2003)
# Barbara Dudda-Dillbohner, SPD-Ratsfraktion Wuppertal (25.02.2004)
# Anja Dudel-Neujahr, Hannover (18.02.2003)

Via PapaScott, via vowe (vowe is the only blog I know that has a photo of the building I live in in its galleries).

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