Machine-translated legal notice / Maschinenübersetztes Impressum

The Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg Media Centre) website has been drawn to my attention.

This excellent example of the authorities at work was posted on the pt mailing list at Yahoo Groups by John Hayduska, who has a nice website. I’m particularly taken with the vertical green bar at the left, but on its own it would be nothing.

Its Impressum has been translated into English by a machine, not without some human help:

bq. All rights lie with the Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg. As far as in the individual case in a different way regulated and untill foreign laws are not concerned, the spreading of the documents lying on this server is desired as a whole or in parts of it in electronic and printed form under the condition that the source (Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg) and the URL are named. Without previous written approval by the LMZ a commercial spreading of the documents lying on this server is strictly prohibited.

Here’s the URL, to do what is requested:

The French pages look better in part.

2 thoughts on “Machine-translated legal notice / Maschinenübersetztes Impressum

  1. Makes one want to cringe, doesn’t it Margaret? I suggest sending thousands of e-mails to bring their attention to this … they really ought to know better…:-)


  2. I don’t think it’ll be necessary to bombard them with e-mails, Paul — it’s probably already triggered a feeding frenzy among the lurkers on the pt mailing list. :-)

    John :-)

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