European arrest warrant forms/Europäischer Haftbefehl mehrsprachig

You can get the European arrest warrant in many languages here.

If you want to guess which language is which, on McDonalds literature, here is a quiz from Nicholas Whyte. Thanks to Desbladet. Languagehat refers to it too, and there are comments discussing the quiz.

4 thoughts on “European arrest warrant forms/Europäischer Haftbefehl mehrsprachig

  1. Interesting to see the list of arrestable offences inc. grievous bodliy harm which I understand won’t help the Irish Rep. pursue illegal abortionists abroad and brings me on to the list of languages: no sign of Irish, Welsh, Basque or, more pressingly, Chechen. It is, after all, a European and not an EU arrest warrant, both for the hunters and for the quarry.

  2. Whether Chechnya is part of Europe is highly debatable. At any rate, if they don’t have Russian, they’re certainly not going to have minor Caucasian languages. It seems to be intended for EEU Europe, not “west of the Urals.”

  3. I think it *is* EU, actually, and even Irish doesn’t have the same status as the other EU languages. And I must protest at any ‘Taffy was a Welshman’ suggestions here.

  4. Points taken, Language Hat – carefully avoiding Basque/Euskera linguistically, geographically & politically – and Margaret – side-stepping your Scottish-Gaelic language affiliations.

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