Dead, live, and metamorphosed weblogs

I’m sorry that Bettina has stopped blogging (Nicht-alle-Tage-Buch, in German), but maybe she will come back to it another time. When I wrote about On-Time Updates, I didn’t mean to suggest others should stop too.

I enjoyed the Curmudgeonly Clerk, but he has stopped too.

To say nothing of The Single Bitter Announcement Weblog, whose end was in its beginning (via Ernie the Attorney, who fortunately continues).

Then Mike O’Sullivan, of Corp Law Blog wrote an entry I found really useful, then stopped posting for four months, then was selected by Southern California Super Lawyers – The Rising Stars Edition as ‘Attorney at Blog’.

And other weblogs start as law blogs, then stop, then start again, then metamorphose into haiku blogs, and I am very flattered indeed to have been given my own haiku.

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