German-English law dictionaries in the pipeline/Angekündigte DE-EN Rechtswörterbücher

I have already mentioned Lundmark’s Talking Law Dictionary, which has been very silent for some time now. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, a LexisNexis representative told me it will be on the market by December 2004 at the latest.

December 2004 is quite soon in publishing terms!

Meanwhile Langenscheidt has announced another for spring 2005. This is described as a ‘Medienpaket’:
Fachwörterbuch Kompakt & e-Fachwörterbuch 4.0 Recht
In Kooperation mit Alpmann-Schmidt
Von Stuart G. Bugg B.A., LL.B. (Hons), M. Jur (Dist) und RAin Heike Simon
Rund 11.000 Fachbegriffe und mehr als 22.000 Übersetzungen je Sprachrichtung, Paperback, mit CD-ROM
3-861172410, EUR 44,90

You can buy the paper dictionary separately, 3861172402, for EUR 29.90.

Aus dem Inhalt: juristische Grundtermini, Zivilrecht (Schwerpunkt), Vertragsrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Handelsrecht, Steuerrecht.

Yet another Franconian law dictionary! I’ve met one of the authors and spoken to the other, but knew nothing about this. Heike Simon was the co-author, with Gisela Funk-Baker, of the Beck introduction to German law and language.
Einführung in das deutsche Recht und die deutsche Rechtssprache

One thing I’d like to say is that the software divergency is driving me mad. I use Dietl-Lorenz on CD, which is compatible with the Acolada Collins.
I added the Alpmann-Brockhaus German law dictionary, but that runs on different software. It could be combined with Duden-Oxford, but I like that less.

I’m not convinced that Alpmann-Brockhaus is better than Creifelds, indeed, I think it is not as good. In the last instance, it’s the text that counts. But it does come with book and CD, and it uses nice two-colour printing. Alpmann Brockhaus Fachlexikon Recht

I haven’t got the latest Creifelds CD-ROM, which may be compatible with Dietl. I admit Beck’s software has tended to be clunky. At least you can do a full-text search, which is essential But I don’t want to have two separate dictionary interfaces. Here’s a link to the paper version: Creifelds Rechtswörterbuch

A word about law dictionaries: once I’ve got Dietl on the CD and Romain at hand, I don’t want to open much else. So my old von Beseler-Jacobs-Wüstefeld gets neglected. Köbler I wouldn’t use – it’s just a glossary. Pons Fachwörterbuch Recht is not a bilingual law dictionary, but an excellent learners’ dictionary for English usage, with a German index. It gets rotten write-ups at by people who buy it as a cheap bilingual dictionary and are then disappointed it isn’t what it never meant to be (it’s unfortunate that the cover says Englisch-Deutsch and Deutsch-Englisch!).
PONS Fachwörterbuch, Recht

I have already praised the small Lister-Veth. I hope the Bugg-Simon dictionary is good, but almost more I hope for an expanded Lister-Veth, with the obviously very useful Frau Isolde Kübler in the background.
Taschenwörterbuch Recht : DE>EN

Taschenwörterbuch Recht :EN>DE
The cheapest of the lot is the tiny Krimphove, which has French too. It actually has definitions, and even a tiny little CD-ROM – I think I’ll water it and see if it grows. Rechtsbegriffe deutsch – englisch – französisch

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