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Here are two glossaries of terminology relating to the church.

The one on the left is a traditional alphabetically arranged one in book form: Maureen und Reinhold Trott, Glossar des kirchlichen Sprachgebrauchs Deutsch-Englisch, Englisch-Deutsch, Missionshilfe Verlag, Hamburg 2001, ISBN 3-921620-96-1

Maureen Trott was a translator and responsible for Engish at the office of the Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland (EMW). I see there is a revised and expanded second edition, 224 pages long. It costs 5.50 euros (but even less if you buy ten!). It’s good and reliable.

On the right is Church Dictionary / Kirchliches Wörterbuch, compiled by Mary Newman and Fritz Neubauer, 1st ed. May 2003, no ISBN

Further copies can be obtained from:
The European Secretary
Council for Christian Unity
Church House
Great Smith Street
London SW1P 3NZ

You can get it in Germany for 15 euros using the form I have scanned here:

Download file

The dictionary is a loose-leaf resource which will be updated from time to time. It is not alphabetically arranged, but under themes: the broader themes are Bible
Biblical/Theological Concepts
Church Buildings
Christian Year
The Church Institution
Home and Family
Religious Movements
Rites and Services
There are many more sub-themes, though. It would be easy to scan, and probably best in electronic form; it would still be possible to select parts and print out those needed, for instance by an interpreter. It looks good too.

There must be other glossaries of this kind around, I can’t help thinking, known inside the churches that produce them but not to the wider bookbuying public.

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