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I’ve borrowed the following graphic (click to enlarge) of weblog hierarchy from Tom Reynolds of Random Acts of Reality.

Blog Hierarchy.gif

It’s very impressive. I suppose one can exist on a certain level of each column. There should be something between Dreamweaver and Movable Type, though, because nowadays I look down on myself for using MT, but whether it should be WordPress I can’t decide.

I feel, however, that I should add a little cat content at this point. This is Tom.


11 thoughts on “Weblog hierarchy

  1. Yes, we came by a second one a couple of years ago. I can’t seem to post at the moment, but there’s a picture under partnertransler/buerohilfen in the files section on PT.

  2. Our cat flap is identical (or, at least, our cat’s -we have human flaps). I would be interested to know if the one in the photo works properly, they are supposed to work on automatic on a magnetic principle but ours only lets our cat out, not back in.

  3. Ann, I will have to find out from my brother. I remember some talk about magnetic, but not whether it worked. The cats do get in at night, but they can’t be bothered otherwise. There are two cats who can’t stand each other.
    Obviously I have been writing about the wrong topic all this time.

  4. Quote: Obviously I have been writing about the wrong topic all this time.– MM This posting will be of particular interest, I imagine, to Julie, Steve, and Mr and Mrs McMuffin. PS If I had one I’d blog about it,

  5. What cracks me up, is that all the comments for this post are about… the cat picture!

    As for my rank on that blogging hierarchy, I’m not quite sure where I fit in: am I bi-lingual?
    My content is original I suppose, yet I care about my stats but I don’t know what a Google 10/10 rank is.

    I’m scared to figure it out.

    Just tell me I’m not a person who writes erotic versions of Star Trek stories where all the characters are furries and puts myself as the furrie starring character.

    Whoops, wrong hierarchy!

  6. I’m not sure that I want to know why you know that such stories exist, Francis.

    I’d be without a stat counter if I weren’t so paranoid about who visits. But I’m proud to be at the low end: blogspot, blogger etc.

  7. Francis – yes, exactly. And I have more cat pictures! In fact, I’m about to post a dog picture because the owners were interested where it was in the Internet and I will be deleting my other blog. That will have to be the end of animal photos for a while!

    If you use IE with a Google toolbar, it shows the page rank for a site you visit. Yours and mine is 5/10 (mine used to be 6/10 but I must be getting less popular). There must be other ways to see the page rank though.

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