Swedish-English translation blog

Here’s a Swedish-English translation blog, currently on hiatus (I should be on hiatus too):

bq. Lagomduktig documents a quest to unravel the mysteries of translating the Swedish language. The views expressed on this site are our own and do not reflect those of our employers or their clients. ┬ęCopyright Billy McCormac / Paul O’Mahony email: billy.mccormac@gmail.com / paulomahony@gmail.com

(Via my referrer webbpennan)

2 thoughts on “Swedish-English translation blog

  1. Many thanks for this link to which browsers have to sign up before posting a comment – sthg about credit card details wanted for the registration process! Rather off-putting.

  2. Yes, not credit card details, but need for registration – irritating, I agree, and the registration screen keeps popping up. Antville is the same. I prefer Blogger, where you can at least post anonymously.
    In the last 23 hours, I have had 52 attempts to post comment spam (i.e. containing advertising links) to my blog. They were warded off by MT-Blacklist, except for one, which I’ve now added. I quite like the systems where you are registered by the blogger after the first time, or your comment is looked at before being posted, or you have to type in a letter that’s shown as a graphic, which excludes spambots.

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