Moscow translators’ club

The Moscow Times reports on a translators’ club that meets once a month in Moscow.

bq. Meeting once a month at the Nikolai Ostrovsky Museum, the club is free for all comers. Regulars range from university students to Zoya Zarubina, an interpreter to Josef Stalin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the wartime Tehran and Yalta conferences. Each get-together begins with a lecture followed by wine and socializing. Also available are the club’s magazine, Mosty, and books published by the organizer, R. Valent, which specializes in translation manuals. …

bq. The Translators’ Club next meets Nov. 24 at 5 p.m. at 14 Tverskaya Ulitsa. See for details.

(Via Taccuino di traduzione and the Literary Saloon)

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