BBC Welsh Web translation

bq. Readers of Welsh-language websites will be able to get instant English translations with a new computer programme developed by BBC Wales.

bq. Vocab lets users hold the cursor over a word and get an instant translation without having to leave the site.

bq. Developed by BBC Wales’ New Media department, the programme is available free of charge to Welsh-language websites outside the BBC.

There should be more on Morfablog some time, but I can’t understand what it says (unless it integrates the program).

(BBC News, with thanks to Derek Thornton)

2 thoughts on “BBC Welsh Web translation

  1. I think Morfablog already had that a while ago, I remember reading about somewhere and getting to a BBC Wales pages about this tool from it. Probably was Morfablog. At least I now understand why I couldn’t get it to work then ;-)

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