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Apparently comments from Hotmail addresses can’t be posted on my weblog. The following comment from Michael Wahlster at Translate This! was refused posting permission.

Here’s the comment, on the subject of online ads:

bq. Armin is right. Accessing the page from my US IP address serves English ads.

Here’s the reaction of my program:

bq. Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:
Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content:
Please correct the error in the form below, then press Post to post your comment.

This is the first concrete example I have received. It seems the hotmail address was the problem. Does this come from Movable Type itself, or from the MT Blacklist plugin? I don’t intend to stay with MT in any case, but I haven’t found time to move. And totally invented addresses do work, although I might delete the comment if it appears pointless and I can’t tell where it comes from.

3 thoughts on “Comments blocked

  1. I see now from the MT Activity Log – it’s an MT Blacklist denial on “”, not actually “”, but it catches that too. I can edit my list to allow it.

  2. That last comment by me was refused, of course! But I then deleted ‘’ from the blacklist. I’m glad someone told me about it. Now I will allow all you shady characters to comment.

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