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Anonymous Lawyer is a wonderful read. I don’t know why I haven’t linked to it before. I have only read it sporadically too. Here’s some of the Thanksgiving post:

bq. I thought I would wish the people who read this a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that this year I finally don’t have to go to Anonymous Wife’s insipid relatives and give everyone at the table legal advice about their leaking implants, greedy creditors, or pending paternity suits. It takes all the fun out of the holiday. Instead, I’ll go to my brother’s house, tell everyone Anonymous Wife and Son are sick at home with the flu, and watch Aunt Fay eat an entire ham.

There’s a reference to a first-year associate who failed the Bar exams:

bq. She cried when she found out. Apparently she cried even more when she got called into a partner’s office (not me) and screamed at. People who fail the bar leave pretty quickly, even if they pass the second time. You don’t want to be known as the one who failed the bar. You need a fresh start. Of course, even with a fresh start, if you failed the bar, it’s not like you aren’t going to screw something else up eventually, so the fresh start doesn’t last very soon. And, pretty soon, you’re working for the government. Where everyone failed the bar.

This is, of course, semi-fictional, but the basis is quite real. Notes from the (Legal) Underground says Anonymous Lawyer wants to write a book but AL’s entry suggesting this was felt by his regular readers to be out of character. Well, I would read that book – I might even buy it.

Evan Schaeffer describes Anonymous Lawyer’s blog here.

4 thoughts on “Anonymous Lawyer Weblog

  1. Ich wollte eigentlich was anderes sagen, aber da die Sprache auf mich gekommen ist, muss ich natuerlich zunaechst bestaetigen, dass ich tatsaechlich nicht anonym bin. Und erst recht kein Zwilling von AL.

    Ich wuenschte, ich koennte so eloquent wie AL schreiben. Seine Eloquenz ist aber auch gefaehrlich. Zuviele nehmen seine Eintraege fuer bare Muenze. MM hat mit dem Link zu LU auch darauf hingewiesen.

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