Basque translators’, interpreters’ and correctors’ site

Translation Exchange also reports that the Association of Translators, Interpreters and Correctors of the Basque Language has a website with translation news.

And a nice website it is too. It’s good to see the letter Z getting the exercise it deserves. For me, the site improves when I look at the English pages (there is also French and Spanish). There is more information about the Association as well as the translation news.

5 thoughts on “Basque translators’, interpreters’ and correctors’ site

  1. My Basque doesn’t go much beyond “Garagardo bat, mesedez”, and the last time I tried to order a beer using that expression in a Basque bar here in Paris, the barman apologised for not speaking Basque – he was from the “French Basque Country” himself – …

  2. Interesting website – wish I understood it. There is supposed to be only one language in the Urals with a vague link.

    I wonder whether the red-and-white striped Basque shirt pictured is a soccer strip and the Basques field their own football team.

  3. As far as I know there’s no evidence of links to any other language. From Larry Trask’s site (

    I do not want to hear about the following:
    * Your latest proof that Basque is related to Iberian / Etruscan / Pictish / Sumerian / Minoan / Tibetan / Isthmus Zapotec / Martian

    * Your discovery that Basque is the secret key to understanding the Ogam inscriptions / the Phaistos disc / the Easter Island carvings / the Egyptian Book of the Dead / the Qabbala / the prophecies of Nostradamus / your PC manual / the movements of the New York Stock Exchange

    * Your belief that Basque is the ancestral language of all humankind / a remnant of the speech of lost Atlantis / the language of the vanished civilization of Antarctica / evidence of visitors from Proxima Centauri

  4. Basque uniqueness point taken. Whenever I quote – like here – from Native Tongues, the Book of Language Facts by Charles Berlitz, grandson of the founder of the Berlitz School of Langs, people say: Oh not that Bermuda Triangular! Pull the other leg. It’s got bells on.

  5. The strip on display belongs to Athletic Club de Bilbao and the story is about the club taking money from the Basque government to display EUSKADI (“Basque Country”) in UEFA matches. Nope, there’s no national team because… Let’s just not get into that one.

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