copyscape – finding copies of your website

This came from Google Alert and was quoted on the Forensic Linguistics Mailing List:

bq. New! Copyscape finds stolen copies of your website!
It’s easy for people to steal your content from your website and put
it on their own. Content theft is very common and violates your rights
as a website owner.
Copyscape is a revolutionary service that finds stolen copies of your content online. Simply enter the address of your page, and Copyscape scans the entire web for copies of your content, showing you the results in seconds.
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8 thoughts on “copyscape – finding copies of your website

  1. It comes up twice in the source text, as you can check yourself – strange. Is it the http:// causing problems? I am about to sort it out.

  2. Since Copyscape offers nothing more than Google (rather less, in fact – it didn’t find various sites that have hijacked bits of me), it’s surely nothing more than a simple scam/gimmick to get you onto their site to click their ads.

  3. Oh dear. How do you do it quickest with Google?
    I’m easily fooled.OTOH it might get me some revenue if people think the title is interesting.
    I do think Jura Blogs has reduced my number of visitors. I used to have a Google page rank of 6/10, but it dropped to 5/10 at some time without any other apparent change.
    We’ll have to go for the sheep farming.

  4. Some of their results didn’t make much sense to me. However, what’s the point of putting their Copyscape banner on my homepage? Do they really believe it will stop others from copying my content?

  5. It *is* rather rubbishy, isn’t it? I’m also worried by the suggestion that their testimonials are from people ‘like me’? As my Scottish ancestors would say, ‘Wha’s like us? Damn few and they’re all deid!’
    They have a brand new forum too.

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