Entry on machine translation for weblogs/Automatische Übersetzung für Weblogs

In Andrew Joscelynes Weblog Blogos, zu Sprachtechnologien, ist ein Eintrag auf Englisch über den Gebrauch von Übersetzungssystemen bei Weblogs.

Andrew Joscelyne has an entry in Blogos on possibilities for machine translation in weblogs. One suggestion is Tim Oren’s idea of an open-source community project developing a new form of MT (I found this summary). Another is the UNL (universal networking language) project which (at a very brief glance) looks like a kind of interlingua system and sounds as if it might require too much time, to say nothing of money in view of the fact it’s been patented.

There is also a reference to the Free Dictionaries project. As Andrew says, binding dictionaries with a multitude of meanings into an MT system is a problem because of the need for disambiguation. If an online dictionary has ten suggestions for one word, I just choose the one I need, but this is that wonderful thing the Germans sometimes call humane Übersetzung (sounds a bit like humane killing).

Anyway it’s clear that Andrew’s entry, though written in English, is of special interest to non-English speaking web writers, so they should all babelfish it promptly.

2 thoughts on “Entry on machine translation for weblogs/Automatische Übersetzung für Weblogs

  1. Hi Margaret

    How about this example of MT found on eBay…..any the wiser??

    >>Here it concerns a Ölgemälde reciprocal painted.

    The brothel Scene is dated and illegibly marked with 1914.

    The back is not marked.

    It is a Museales master work of the expressionist mash.

    Unfortunately is the signature does not zulesen.

    The masterpiece originated in to 1914. It is painted on hard thick Malpappe.

    The painting of zutrennen .Dieses would be worthwhile itself would have from of one

    Specialist to be made. (It goes, since the Malpappe is very thick)

    There on both pages trueful masterpieces are painted with Ölfarben

    Perhaps they recognize the artist I would be over refer to very gratefully.

    Mass: 47 x 31 cm.

    Much fun when offering

  2. Googd grief. I gather it’s two paintings on both sides of one thick piece of – cardboard? and needs slitting down the middle by an expert. I do think 47 x 31 cm is hiding some of the truth in this instance – 47 x 31 x 1?

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