Woman charged for rohypnol use

Breaking news on In Brief reveals a case of sexual equality where a woman allegedly spiked two men’s drinks with Rohypnol and robbed them:

bq. Banker Volker Vogler met Hakki in the rooftop bar of London’s Park Lane Hilton. She went back to his home with him and literally stole the clothes off his back – disappearing while he was unconscious with a £100 pair of black Versace jeans with £100 in the pocket, a Versace jumper, three pairs of shoes and an £850 Omega watch, as well as a Tiffany alarm clock and a bottle of red wine, according to the prosecution. Her second alleged victim, Alexander Jovy, also found items missing after going back to his flat with Hakki and falling unconscious, the court heard. The case continues.

The article says she ‘slipped them a Mickey Finn’ – good to see traditional terms preserved. The first time I heard of Rohypnol was a couple of years ago in court here in Germany, where the effects of the substance were described but the judge refused to name it for fear of encouraging others, apparently. I had to do some Internet searching before I got the name.

6 thoughts on “Woman charged for rohypnol use

  1. Her Defence Counsel suggested her victims had drugged themselves with Rohypnol to overcome the effects of a cocaine addiction. Ingenious!

  2. I vaguely remember reading about this a few weeks ago. I think another excuse the defence counsel tried was that the men tried to drug her but then mixed up the glasses, something like that.

  3. Hi Margaret

    I myself have had Rohypnol for dental treatment. It was wonderful ….although I was apparently completely awake and able to respond to commands such as “Open mouth”, I remember absolutely nothing and “regained consciousness” on a friend’s couch. The 3 or 4 hours were an absolute blank. Would recommend it to anyone with a fear of dentists.


  4. Ah, but did the dentist strip you bare and have sex with you? Park Lane doesn’t sound all that bad – just go in your gardening clothes.

  5. I will bear that in mind, Paul. A friend of mine used to go to Birmingham from London for all dental treatment and have it done under valium.

    Yes, I see there’s information about this in all the papers.

  6. Trevor

    Well I hope he didn’t …maybe I should try a female dentist next time. I can see why the drug is so effective in the wrong hands.


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