Monks break vow of silence to deny liability/Mönche brechen Schweigen

Die Zisterzienser-Mönche von der Insel Caldey vor der walisischen Küste schweigen meistens, doch haben sie ihr Schweigen unterbrochen (es ist in dringenden Fällen erlaubt) um sich in einem Rechtsstreit um ungerechtfertigte Entlassung zu verteidigen. (Ihr Online-Shop verkauft u.a. Lavendelwasser über Manufactum).

The monks of Caldey Island have broken their silence to defend themselves against an action for unfair dismissal (Independent article only available for payment; Telegraph; blogger’s visit).

bq. An order of Cistercian monks in a remote island community broke their vow of silence yesterday to deny claims that they had unfairly dismissed a couple who had worked for them for 22 years.

bq. One of the reasons that 60- year-old Andrew McHardy was sacked, they insisted, was that he had a drink problem. The monks said they were in an ideal position to know – two of them were former members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Anonymous and silent? At all events, they make perfume and chocolate rather than alcohol.

bq. Under cross-examination from John Bradbury, a solicitor from the Haverfordwest Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Bro O’Brien agreed Mr and Mrs McHardy had not been given a written contract.

Presumably they didn’t even get an oral one.

But apparently it isn’t really a vow of silence, just a vow to speak only when necessary (this would probably amount to the same thing in my case).

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