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Someone came here searching for ‘Mauritius’. I know my occasional commenter AMM did bring Mauritius into the discussion, but my site search won’t find that. But if you use Google’s site search, you will find it. Enter the following: mauritius

or use a Google toolbar – the Firefox one has a little icon for site search.

Here are some of the search terms used to search Transblawg (according to awstats):

german twix
alfa bravo charlie
collocation dictionary
twix german
dear sir
dear sir or madam
twix germany
anonymous lawyer
the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

My visitors, apart from those unknown or from domains ending in com or net, come in this order from: Germany, Italy, Norway, UK, Austria, U.S. Educational, and Belgium! 78.3% of my visitors like to stay for less than 30 seconds.

2 thoughts on “Searching this site

  1. Well, I can explain the ‘germany twix’ entries. There’s a site – – that is a rather elongated and confusing puzzle which involves extensive use of google. Your site is one of the first to pop up for puzzle #7, which features a twix bar and the message “times have changed in deutschland”. Maybe you mentioned a twix bar at some point. :P

  2. Thanks! Yes, I said that Twix was originally sold as Raider in Germany, then they told us to pronounce it Rider, then they changed its name to Twix.

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