Awards for foreign-language websites

A firm of legal translators in Connecticut, Attorney Translation Services, is offering awards to U.S. law firms with the best sites in 11 foreign languages. Criteria include overall content, relevance to target audience, use of language and appearance; judges will be ‘bilingual attorneys’.

The press release is here.

I wouldn’t like to judge this. How do you choose between different kinds of firms – big ones that have amalgamated with German firms will have an advantage. I suppose Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe springs to mind, although they perhaps have an unfair advantage. And how many machine-translated sites will be submitted?

2 thoughts on “Awards for foreign-language websites

  1. We are pleased to read your comment and have added the firm of Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe to our list for consideration. Awards decisions made by Attorney Translation Services will not be based on firm size. In fact, some of the top contenders at this point are solo practitioners, small and medium size firms that have made use of foreign language content on their websites a priority.

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