Betting on next pope/Wettbüro mit Gewinnquoten zum nächsten Papst

OLBG – Online Betting Guide – is not a bookmaker, apparently, but it shows the odds for bets on the next pope (via Desbladet). Dionigi Tettamanzi leads the field.
Episcopal lineage is new to me. It seems to be synonymous with apostolic succession, which I have heard of but which I probably don’t understand either. It apparently means who consecrated whom.

bq. Episcopal lineages have long fascinated students of church history. It was not until the middle of the present century, however, that a systematic attempt was made to trace and catalogue the consecrations of bishops on a world-wide basis. A small group of researchers has catalogued the consecrations of tens of thousands of bishops dating back many centuries. The fruits of their labors – labors which are on-going – have resulted in a data base which can trace the episcopal lineage of any living bishop and the vast majority of deceased bishops.

I remember the last papal election. I suppose they’ll be using the smoke signals again and not mobile phones?

2 thoughts on “Betting on next pope/Wettbüro mit Gewinnquoten zum nächsten Papst

  1. I think they’ll have to wait a while Margaret. His Popeness seems to be recovering … I’ll hold on to my money for just now…


  2. You may be making a mistake. He isn’t immortal, and the earlier you place a bet, the better odds you are likely to get. (Although I must admit it’s hard to judge form in this case – but if Tettamanzi is ‘out of’ Wojtyla (who seems to have ordained him), that may be good. Or maybe one could hedge, by betting that Tettamanzi won’t win?

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