Portuguese legal weblogs

From my referrers: Cum grano salis (US with a grain of salt, UK with a pinch of salt, DE cum grano salis!), since July 2004:

bq. Efeméride
Este despretensioso blawg, de informação e reflexão na área judiciária, foi criado às 14:00 horas do dia 15 de Julho de 2004, em Portugal.

Postings mainly by L.C.

This refers to the blog of a young lawyer in Oporto, Suo Tempore.

And to Ciberjus, a blawg for Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking lawyers. Ciberjus is not anonymous: Francisco Bruto da Costa writes that it is a blog associated with the Ciberjus list, which has over 300 members.

Further links on those sites will be especially interesting to those whose Portuguese is better than mine.

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