Neudeutsch in Fürth /”Busstopp” sorgt für Ärger


The Fürther Nachrichten must be at the forefront of language change. I admit that Google finds over 1200 Busstopps in Germany, but some of those refer to London, some to the name used for the map of bus parking areas in Berlin, and some to a genuine stopping of buses (e.g “Busstopp am Bußtag“)

3 thoughts on “Neudeutsch in Fürth /”Busstopp” sorgt für Ärger

  1. I still maintain my theory that Germans will be speaking a strange language comprising German word order and bastardised English words within a mere 100 years from now Margaret. The German I laboriously learnt at school / university will not be spoken by anyone apart from the odd few Russlanddeutsche and so forth who have not by then emigrated to the “Vatercountry”. We will spend our evenings “Television-Schauen”, “Games-Playen” and “Trinking”.


  2. I don’t know about that – the Russlanddeutsche here can’t speak German either. The students of the Russian department at the college where I used to teach in Erlangen wer divided into (West) Germans whose Russian was weak, Russians (ethnic Germans) whose German was weak, with a few (East) Germans who could do both scattered in.

    Have you got a Busstopp in Ehningen?

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