Webster’s online dictionary – Rosetta edition

What on earth is this ‘dictionary’?

Here it is on translator. There are seven pictures of translators, none of which are me.

Very bizarre. If you click on ‘references’, you are taken to amazon.com. We know ‘Webster’s’ has no particular meaning. But apparently part of this is Merriam Webster’s. The credits page is under construction. The ‘About Us’ page is more expansive:

Our mission is to create the largest dictionary of modern language usage (the equivalent of 500 encyclopedias). The dictionary will soon consist of over 400 modern languages, and 10 ancestral languages, with some 30 million individual entries across languages (including expressions, technical terminologies, and words). The languages included are read or spoken by over 95 percent of the world’s population. The world’s largest dictionary should be free to consult by all persons of the world, via the Internet.

3 thoughts on “Webster’s online dictionary – Rosetta edition

  1. I love the picture of the irate “translator” thumbing through a book and WRITING! I gather there are some translators who do this? Who are these people who can afford to waste such precious time? And where is this “translator’s” computer for heaven’s sake???


  2. Yes – the only thing that rings true about that picture is the facial expression, a mixture of frustration and mild surprise. Oh, I see you say ‘irate’, yes. I was tempted to post the picture here, but I see the site is selling this ancient clip art and would like $14.95 for a week’s display. I wonder if they mind this Webster’s Online Dictionary exploiting them free of charge.

  3. This “dictionary” keeps on cropping up when I’m Googling for vocab. Most annoying. I know not to bother clicking the links to it though.

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